Our promise to sustainability

much too much... way too much.....

Sustainability: Consideration for the natural regenerative capacity of the ecosystem, including living creatures. So does everything always have to be newly produced?

With much too much we have specialized in jewelry that is not newly produced, but perhaps not only for the 1st time, but perhaps for the 2nd or 3rd time into the economic cycle. Jewelry is usually made of materials that do not age as well as their traces of use can usually be removed without further ado. Jewelry pieces that may have spent a few years in a drawer because they were no longer fashionable, can be today again top modern or very individual, because they are no longer found in the jewelers in the display. If we should offer times as good as new pieces of jewelry, it concerns here so-called " new old stock " jewelry. This means new goods from old stock. Or it is jewelry from store liquidations.

Our pieces of jewelry, which get the chance to find lovers once again, naturally receive beautiful and high-quality eco-friendly packaging made from FSC recycled cardboard and paper. We only send our invoices by email, which you can then print out yourself if required. Our shipping packages are kept as small as possible and we use hemp fibers as padding. Shipping is usually carried out with DHL GoGreen. We also support active climate protection here on site to bind CO2. You are welcome to request more information on this. When we rework or repair pieces of jewelry, we work with very good goldsmiths who use recycled gold.

Sustainability is not an advertising slogan, sustainability is an attitude. 

for this stands much too much