Our jewelry purchase

Over time, often accumulate jewelry that you may no longer wear or that have broken. Sometimes you have inherited jewelry, watches, gold and silver and it does not correspond to your own taste. Many of these treasures, whether large or small, we want to give a 2nd chance, as a piece of jewelry or later, when from the molten gold and the precious stones perhaps something beautiful new was made.

The purchase of jewelry requires discreet, trustworthy, professional and expert advice. Due to our joint qualifications, first-class laboratory equipment and professional experience, we are able to examine each piece of jewelry in detail and determine a contemporary value. Many pieces are still or even again in demand and should be given a 2nd chance. For such pieces our purchase offers are naturally above the current gold price.

When we welcome you with your jewelry in our store, we first check the pieces with the eye and the magnifying glass. Here we look for the hallmarks, engravings, any damage and the general condition. The size of the rings, the length of a bracelet or necklace and the weight are also included in the evaluation.

We check the gold, platinum or silver content not only with the classic testing acid, but also with a calibrated testing device (X-ray fluorescence analysis), which can precisely measure the compositions of the precious metal. Thus, we can always determine exactly which precious metals have been processed in the piece of jewelry and you can be sure to also get the right price for each gram of your beautiful piece of jewelry.

If gemstones have been processed in jewelry, we also look here first with a magnifying glass for any damage such as light scratches or even fractures. Sometimes it is necessary to examine a colored gemstone or diamond more closely in the laboratory to be able to determine an exact value. For this purpose we have a first-class and extensively equipped laboratory at our disposal. In connection with our qualified education and professional experience it offers us the possibility to include also the gemstones fairly into a price calculation.

We will be happy to make you a personal offer for the purchase of your jewelry. You can visit us during our regular opening hours Mon - Thu from 15.00 to 18.00 or make a personal appointment, where we can concentrate exclusively and undisturbed on you and your jewelry. If it is not possible for you to visit us, there is also the possibility to make an assessment at your home or at the place where the jewelry was secured. As a rule, however, we always require a professional and fair appraisal of your jewelry in our store. For a possible transport we only work with very reliable and safe companies and your jewelry will be insured by our in-house insurance on the way to us and here on site. Should it come to a purchase by us, we will of course take over the costs for the transport. A high degree of discretion is a matter of course for us. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you.