About us

For many years we, Clarissa Semprich & Christian Dietes, have succumbed to the allure of jewelry and gemstones not only for professional reasons. We would like to offer many of these gems from old and new times a 2nd chance. A large part of these pieces of jewelry were made with considerable effort and often bought or given away with much love. In many objects gemstones were processed, for the formation of which the earth took millions of years to form a wonderful jewel.

Not only in the sense of sustainability, respect for nature, but also in the sense of appreciation to the jewelry itself, we were happy to found our small specialty store. We were anxious to create an appropriate environment for the lovers of such jewelry from 2nd hand.

Freely according to the idea: Special things are found in special places

Clarissa Semprich

I have been a 2nd generation auctioneer for more than 35 years. From childhood I was allowed to experience the auctions of my mother. Thus, I was able to conduct auctions at a young age and gain a lot of experience. Even though at the beginning of my commercial career it did not look as if I would actually pursue this profession, my path led me back to it. So in 1999 I took over the classic auction house of my mother, when she retired. In 2005 I decided to react to the negatively changing market with antiques and dissolved the auction house. On my idyllically situated remnant farm, a small business with antiques and jewelry was now established. As an auctioneer I was now only freelance and conducted, among other things, over 16 years the auctions for a large pawn shop in Hamburg. Then in 2014 I met my life partner and business partner Christian Dietes. Through this encounter, at some point the idea was born to unite the common passion and specialize in jewelry with the company much too much.

Christian Dietes

The beginning of my professional career first led me in a completely different direction. Although I was already interested in gemstones as a child, it was to be a very classic and technical craft. But the fascination for gemstones remained dormant in me for many years. So after half of my professional life I decided to take a new path. Now the fascination should become a profession and a vocation. Thus the way led me to Idar-Oberstein, the center of gemstones in Germany, to receive a sound education. Today I can say that it was the right decision, because it has really become my vocation. The subject of gemstones is so complex and exciting that the learning never stops. There are always new secrets to discover and no two stones are alike. When I met my partner and business partner Clarissa Semprich in 2014, after some time it was natural for me to combine our knowledge and experience in the company much too much and enrich each other.

Our dream has come true

Together we are now with our dog Ganja,
who keeps watch over our beautiful favorite pieces,
the company much too much - specialty store for jewelry
from 2nd hand or also second love jewelry.